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Tony Bulmer, USS Missouri, US Naval Museum, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

If you want to turn back time like Cher in her famous video shot on the decks of the USS Missouri you have got to visit the amazing Naval museum at Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. While you are there don’t forget to go to the air museum which is included in the price but you will have to catch the free coach that departs from the main museum behind the gift shop. The air museum is fantastic, it contains many vintage WWII aircraft and many early jet age planes too. The hangar where the museum is located still has bullet holes from the 1941 attack too! You will have to catch the shuttle bus to get to the Missouri too make sure you do this as many confuse it with the Arizona. The Arizona is the sunken wreck out in the bay and access to it is limited to the first few hundred people there in the morning. One more thing Bags backpacks even handbags of any kind are banned from the entire complex don’t take them, because you will have to check them before you are allowed into the museum complex.

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