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Greetings friends. No doubt you will have caught my thoughts on crime, mystery and thriller writing via other sensational blogsites such as the awesome Crimezine. Perhaps you will have encountered my work in one of the very many magazines and newspapers I have worked for down the years? The luckiest amongst you will have certainly read one of my many awesome books and that means that you will be familiar with my passionate and idiosyncratic take on the world of mystery, crime, and thriller writing.

It seems to me that in this brand new age of online narcissisim there are a million and one sites out there loudly hooting and offering little. That is why this blog right here will be different. I am going to give you free stuff. Over the years I have written very many short stories, I am going to share those with you. I will also share other writing with you here first before anyone else sees it. I will drop in occasional thoughts, obsevations and acerbic commentary about my charmed life in Los Angeles California. But you expect and demand that, right?

So, settle down in your online chair, pour youself a three fingered snifter and check out what I have been up to. Perhaps you will feel compelled to write me, I would like that. If you like what you see here, please check out my books. If you dig my work I would be delighted if you would be kind enough to share that enthusiasm with others. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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