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Sherlock Holmes, It’s amazing!

On the way back to California I had to drop off in London for a pint. Readers might know I lived in London for many years, and will always consider the city a home away from home. Naturally, whenever I hit town the first order of play is to find a big helping of fish chips & mushy peas followed by a picturesque pub crawl around the historic capital. In London, there is literally a pub on every corner, so that is always a lot of fun. If crime fans would like to visit the pub I am stood in front of, it is located at 10 Northumberland St, Charing Cross— just around the corner from the world famous Trafalgar square. Scotland Yard, the original home of the Metropolitan Police, is also just around the corner, so it would have been very convenient for Inspector Lestrade to pop in for a swift libation before visiting the worlds most famous consulting detective in Baker Street!

Tony Bulmer, Sherlock Holmes, London

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