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Tony Bulmer’s books mix relentless action with smart-assed dialogue and fast moving readability.
If you like early Robert Crais, Elmore Leonard, and cheeky slice of Chandler you will love Tony Bulmer.

Elected For Death

ISBN-13: 978-1523481194


Everyone has killed someone at college, right? Best bury those indiscretions deep, especially when you are on the way to becoming the next governor of New York…


All American hockey legend Lex “Bulldog” Logan, heir to one of Manhattan’s oldest banking dynasties is struggling to become the person he knows he can be.

But that struggle isn’t going so well—the old darkness is rising, and soon he will have to kill again—


Meanwhile, blackmailing socialite, Stacy Ryder,  isn’t ready to settle down, but her parents are insisting. Perhaps unrequited college crush Lex Logan

would be the perfect match? But the course of true love never did run smooth,

especially when you have a limo full of crazed relatives, a T.V. Evangelist, and the FBI on your tail.



Twisted Tales


Welcome to Twisted Tales—Twelve tales of murder and redemption from acclaimed crime writer Tony Bulmer.


This long-awaited collection of short stories deep delves into a mysterious world of high-rollers and lowlifes, and brings you twelve  transgressive tales where the only guarantee is a savage twist of the unexpected.


This sequel to the wildly successful Twisted Fates collection is essential reading for mystery and crime fans everywhere.


Now available  as ebook

Manhattan Takedown

ISBN-13: 978-1514180129


When the world’s wealthiest financier conspires with America’s  greatest enemy to destroy the global financial system, deep cover agent Karyn Kane of the CIA is thrown into a deadly new mission.


Will she be able to stop the destruction of the world’s great financial capitals? Can she rescue the wife of  America’s greatest diplomat from the clutches of global terrorism?  And is her own boss getting ready to murder her? Relentless twists, endless double-dealing and a mystery so intense it will have you guessing to the very last page.


Smart, sassy, and relentlesly entertaining. Manhattan Takedown  the new high-concept super-thriller from Tony Bulmer is available now.

Conspiracy of Fire

ISBN-13: 978-1500525552


Karyn Kane is a deep cover operative for the CIA specializing in operations that run outside of the limits of United States Law. Conspiracy of Fire sees her pitted against a global corporation that has developed a limitless new form of energy production. But the worlds of money politics and power are closely intertwined, as Kane quickly discovers. 


Will the  deadly conspiracy herald  a terrifying new political elite, plunging the world into an age of global catastrophe? Can Karyn Kane unravel the darkest most brutal mystery of her career in a plot that reaches to the very heart of the U.S. Government?

Twisted Fates

ISBN-13: 978-1508705970


Twelve Tales of Murder and Redemption From Los Angeles California.Everyone knows the City of Angels is a crazy town, but often the craziest of fates are the ones that fall upon you in quite unexpected ways.


There is the sedate tea party in Beverly Hills that hides a most unwholesome secret. There is the tale of murder on the 15th fairway, and death and greed on the frigid mountainside. But that is just the begining…


However death may come, you can rest assured that it will be most unexpected in this twisted collection of short stories 







Dead Famous

ISBN-13: 978-1480076365

The further adventures of Danny Costello can be found in Dead Famous. Hard-hitting and compelling, Dead Famous deals the inside dope on a cast of Hollyweird insiders who will do what ever it takes to succeed. Witty, original and highly entertaining, this book takes you to the dark beating heart of Los Angeles and beyond, into a world of money, murder and the insatiable need for success at any price.

The Sex Net


Internet dating—who can you trust? When Danny Costello calls at Corin Cabrillo’s pad for a Jacuzzi and a Mai Tai, he is expecting a hot date in the Hollywood Hills, but it is murder he finds instead. Turns out his date is a con artist, smuggling diamonds for the mob.


Now the diamonds have vanished and every low-life in town thinks Danny took them. Worse, the gorgeous Corin is missing and her flatmate Mimi has been brutally murdered. Mobster Frank Rothstein, is a stone cold killer, and ruthless with it. He wants his diamonds back on the hurry up.


$48 million is a lot of ice to lose, and Frank is holding Danny responsible. Murder, blackmail, betrayal, Can Danny find the girl, the diamonds, and the murderer too? He better, big Frank says, or he will have problems. Terminal problems.

The Fine Art of Murder

ISBN-13: 978-1492380351


Los Angeles, California. Fine Art aficionado Javier Elzorra is a moneyman for the Sureño cartel. He also owns the world’s greatest private collection of Renaissance art. So when he gets brutally murdered, his cleaner figures no one will notice just one missing painting— trouble is, the painting is a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, subject to a cruel and violent history of greed, obsession, and murderous conspiracy and now, once again, it has gone missing.


The Fine Art of Murder traces the shocking history of this great masterpiece through five hundred turbulent years, as it shapes the destiny of everyone it touches, unraveling a mystery so surprising and deadly that even the world’s greatest art recovery investigator, Professor Cornelius Franklin might finally have met his match.

Killing for Kicks


Tony’s early books, Carnival of Whores, Killing for Kicks, and Cheating Death are currently out of print. Re-issues coming soon.


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