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Manhattan Takedown

At the moment I am editing my latest thriller. Manhattan Takedown, is my eighth book. It features Karyn Kane, a deep cover agent for the CIA and her battle to save the global financial system from attack by a frightening new electronic pulse weapon

This book took me just under a year to write. Right now I am busy polishing it prior to publication. Those of you who have written books of your own will know how much hard work and dedication is involved in this progress. Luckily l have spent long years sitting at news desks with some of the best sub-editors in the business, this has helped I confess, but no matter how many times I read through I always find another blooper that needs changing out. That is just the way it goes. I do not think I have read a single book this year that was completely clean. It gives me no pleasure. Perfection is a very high bar to reach. I don’t know if I will ever sit at that bar but if I do I am hoping the cognac is gooooood.

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