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Iceland with Chris Johnson

Tony Bulmer Reykjavík Iceland

Just before Covid hit, I took a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland with my old crimefighting chum, Chris Johnson. You might not have met Chris, but you will most likely have heard of his exploits. As an assistant District Attorney for the Los Angeles based Federal task force on organized crime, he broke many big drug trafficking and Rico cases. He caused an international incident when he was kidnapped by the Russian Mob and his exploits as a Navy JAG were immortalized in the Tom Cruise Movie a few Good Men. Not only is CJ an all around good guy and one of the funniest people you could meet, he also has an unparalleled sense of adventure, whether it is his love of small planes or drunken knife throwing in the back garden, there is never a dull moment with Chris around. I agreed to visit the frozen snow covered Iceland one beery evening in Los Angeles, never imagining we would actually get there—in the middle of winter.

Tony Bulmer with Chris & Lisa Johnson

The picture on the left I am with Chris and his lovely wife Lisa in the high street of down town Reykjavik. As you can see, we are in a competition to see who has the most amusing hat. Chris won by quite a wide margin. His crashed fish head gear proved popular with everyone we met.

The plan in Iceland was to see the Northern Lights and go snowmobiling on the mountain glaciers. Our plans were thwarted somewhat by a ferocious Arctic storm that barreled in just after this picture was taken.

I would add in conclusion— you may think you have seen snow, ice, and extreme cold, but you have never truly experienced bad weather until you get caught in a winter storm in the mountains of Iceland.

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