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Tony Bulmer on Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is, along with Sunset Boulevard, one of the most famous roads in Los Angeles. It is, I suppose, the perfect home for a crime writer. But I came to live here quite by accident, having looked at dozens of houses. Mulholland Drive starred, of course, in the infamous David Lynch film and countless noir detective stories from Chandler to Robert Crais. It is no secret that many famous people live on Mulholland. But here is a secret you probably didn’t know—Mulholland is a VERY long and winding road, that stretches right across Los Angeles. It starts in the West, close to the 101 Freeway, then snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood Hills. If you are an early riser and like walking, you will see me out most mornings. But you will most likely be more interested in yacking to my other neighbors—Jack Nicholson, Dave Grohl and the aforementioned Bonzo Bob Crais.

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