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Tony Bulmer Author
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Beyond the Edge of Paradise

When she is called to investigate a horrific crime scene in the Californian desert, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Sayona Sherman is forced into partnership with case-hardened Troy Cummings, of the FBI. A man with big heart and a loose regard for the rules. Together, they follow a fast-growing trail of murder and mayhem, and soon they are battling government thugs, murderous Hollywood socialites, and a drug-addled Peruvian head hunter, who is struggling to get in touch with his spiritual side.

Racing from the Peruvian jungles of the High Amazon, to the chi-chi boulevards of West Hollywood, Cummings and Sherman soon realize that time, and the march of history is against them. And with the threat vector rising they uncover a fiendish plot that reaches to the very highest echelons of the federal government.

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South of Sunset

Meet Benny Ragazzo.  Benny’s trying hard not to kill anyone, but that’s not going so well; there are the corpses in the desert weighing on his mind, and memories of the past rising up from the dark shores of Africa. The shrink in the hills is helping, but she has secrets of her own, the kind of secrets that could get a guy dead and quick.


Then there is Mia. She figures there is something out there that can solve her problems, new job, new man, and a new life in the City of Angels. But her day turns wrong before it has even started: drive time 8am and there is already a corpse in the trunk of her car…

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The coolest new crime writer in years. If you like Robert Crais, Elmore Leonard,

and cheeky slice of Chandler
you will love Tony Bulmer


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