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Elected For Death


Everyone has killed someone at college, right? Best bury those indiscretions deep,especially when you are on the way to becoming the next governor of New York…


All American hockey legend Lex “Bulldog” Logan, heir to one of Manhattan’s oldest banking dynasties is struggling to become the person he knows he can be.

But that struggle isn’t going so well—the old darkness is rising, and soon he will have to kill again—


Meanwhile, blackmailing socialite Stacy Ryder isn’t ready to settle down, but her parents are insisting. Perhaps unrequited college crush Lex Logan

would be the perfect match?

But the course of true love never did run smooth, especially when you have a limo full of crazed relatives, a T.V. Evangelist, and the FBI on your tail.


Join Lex Logan on a wild ride of murder, obsession, and blackmail, as he deep dives in a conspiracy that threatens to plunge the world into a new age of darkness and brutality.


Welcome to the meanest, dirtiest, most unscrupulously awesome satire you will ever read, chock full of ribald characters and relentless twists. Politics is a dirty business, especially when you are Elected for Death.  

Twisted Fates

Twelve Tales of Murder and Redemption From Los Angeles California.

Everyone knows the City of Angels is a crazy town, but often the craziest of fates are the ones that fall upon you in quite unexpected ways.


There is the sedate tea party in Beverly Hills that hides a most unwholesome secret. There is the tale of murder on the 15th fairway, and death and greed on the frigid mountainside. But that is just the begining…


However death may come, you can rest assured that it will be most unexpected in this twisted collection of short stories by Tony Bulmer. 

The coolest new crime writer in years.

If you like Robert Crais, Elmore Leonard,

and cheeky slice of Chandler
you will love Tony Bulmer


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Tony Bulmer Twisted Fates
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