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Twisted  Tales


Welcome to Twisted Tales—Twelve tales of murder and redemption from acclaimed crime writer Tony Bulmer.


This long-awaited collection of short stories deep delves into a mysterious world of high-rollers and lowlifes, and brings you twelve  transgressive tales where the only guarantee is a savage twist of the unexpected.


This sequel to the wildly successful Twisted Fates collection is essential reading for mystery and crime fans everywhere.


Now available in paperback.

Tony Bulmer LA city hall.jpeg

Twisted Fates

Twelve Tales of Murder and Redemption From Los Angeles California.

Everyone knows the City of Angels is a crazy town, but often the craziest of fates are the ones that fall upon you in quite unexpected ways.


There is the sedate tea party in Beverly Hills that hides a most unwholesome secret. There is the tale of murder on the 15th fairway, and death and greed on the frigid mountainside. But that is just the begining…


However death may come, you can rest assured that it will be most unexpected in this twisted collection of short stories by Tony Bulmer. 

Tony Bulmer Twisted Fates

The coolest new crime writer in years.

If you like Robert Crais, Elmore Leonard,

and cheeky slice of Chandler
you will love Tony Bulmer


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